Christian Education

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Christian Education at Day’s Ferry Congregational Church is integral to the enrichment of our congregation. Both Adult and Youth Education programs provide support for members seeking to enhance their understanding of the scripture and its impact on how we live today. Some programs address topics related to spiritual growth and worship, while others focus on inspiring books, art, mentorship, and issues important to our everyday lives. Coming together with other members of the community in the spirit of deepening our knowledge, examining our beliefs, and sharing our experiences, encourages the valuable ongoing dialogue that exists among our congregation. Here, members and visitors will find opportunities to explore these topics. We welcome you to enter the conversation.

Children & Sunday School

Decorating Easter cross.

Our Children are invited to participate in Sunday service. During the service we dedicate time for a children’s moment where an adult member of our congregation shares wisdom through books or experience. The children are then welcome to exit the service and participate in Sunday School. Special child focused activities are highlighted at Christmas and Easter as well.

Children’s moment during service. Sunday School.


Adult Bible Study

September – June, Tuesdays, 10 am, Johnson Hall at the church.

From September into June, up to a dozen adults gather for an hour every Tuesday morning to study the Bible. To date we have studied the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and The Acts of the Apostles. In the Fall, 2015, we will continue with Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Our practice is for the Pastor or a volunteer from the group to facilitate the discussion of the reading for that day. We read straight through the Gospel or Letter — some days we make it through a chapter, sometimes only a verse or two.

We welcome everyone interested in coming on Tuesday morning. Attendance is not taken, no advance prep is required, and there are no tests! Come whenever you can…we will be glad to include you in our reading and discussion. We learn a lot AND we have a lot of fun!

The United Church of Christ advices us to look to the authority of the scripture for final authority and in our study of the Holy Bible, we uphold this decree. In Bible Study, we thoughtfully read and study the books of the Bible, ask questions, and address how the scripture applies to our daily lives.

For more information, please contact Reverend Alan Baughcum.

Book Series

Other discussion groups happen, from time to time, about books, movies, music, or whatever inspires. This spring, nearly 30 members of the congregation and guests discussed Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande, in a series of three sessions. A follow up discussion is planned for the fall (2015), and there are plans for discussion groups on other books or topics of interest.