Rev. Lucia A. Jackson

Day’s Ferry Congregational Church is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Lucia Jackson as its Long-Term Bridge Pastor.

Rev. Jackson grew up in Connecticut.  She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Yale Divinity School.  After being ordained in 1991, she served churches in New Jersey and Connecticut as an Associate Pastor and then in Hartland, Vermont, as the solo Pastor for 13 joyful years.  In the past year, she served as a Bridge Pastor in Massachusetts and as a Sabbatical Interim at the UCC church in Newcastle, plus doing some supply preaching.

She and her husband Michael live just across the river in Bath with their two cats.   Her interests include going for walks, tending her vegetable garden, knitting, reading good books and playing board games with family and friends.



A Personal Note From Rev. Lucia Jackson

I feel privileged to be called as the Long-Term Bridge Pastor for the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church — a place of welcome and inclusivity and a community of connection and caring.  As did all churches, the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church had to transition to new forms of worship and communication during the months of pandemic shut down and then the loss of a beloved pastor. What impresses me, is that this church not only survived, but learned how to thrive through virtual worship, phone calls and outdoor gatherings because it is full of devoted lay leaders who believe that the church matters now and into the future.

In this church, you will find people of faith who are engaged in serving both those inside the church family and those beyond the doors through simple acts of caring, through generous donations and through the work of justice.  In this church you will experience vital worship, inspired music and thoughtful conversations as well as gracious hospitality and the joy of shared laughter.  In this church, you will find beloved New England traditions and a vision to meet this changing world with a wholeheartedness that is refreshing and life-giving.

Join us on a Sunday – in person or if you prefer, you can join us virtually.  Bring your questions, your concerns, your joys, your gratitudes, your doubts, yourself and I hope that you too will find what I have found, a place of welcome and community and connection, a place of vision, vitality and faith.