Music & Choir

Music at Day’s Ferry Congregational Church

Music serves a vital role in our parish. At DFCC, our dedication to music is evident through our spirited music programs. With hymns, anthems, and prayer responses, with singing and instrumental music, music lifts our hearts and enriches our faith. We sing several hymns every Sunday, and have music played on two organs (one electronic, one reed) and a grand piano. Our music director is Dr. Paul Althouse.

Our Choir

The DFCC choir is a dedicated group of about a dozen singers who help lead worship through the gift of music. Our Choir is a cherished part of DFCC, both for the inspiring music they provide and for the opportunity it provides for fellowship and community. Under the direction of Paul Althouse, participation continues to grow in number and enthusiasm.

Choir season runs from Labor Day to early June. Rehearsals are Thursdays (5:30PM) and Sundays (9AM). We welcome singers of all ages and abilities. Most of all, the choir has a lot of fun singing together. Contact Dr. Paul Althouse, Music Director. Please join us!

Bowdoin International Music Festival

DFCC is proud to host the Bowdoin International Music Festival, an annual community concert that showcases talented young musicians from conservatories and graduate schools all over the world.

This annual afternoon concert takes place at the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church each summer and is open to the public. The event is an excellent opportunity to hear these extraordinary musicians. Learn more about the Bowdoin International Musical Festival.  In early summer, we will post the concert date on Latest News & Events found on our home page.


The Reed Organ — A Musical Journey

Days Ferry Congregational Reed OrganIn 2015, DFCC welcomed back an old friend to its musical family — one with a brand new story to tell. The church’s Wilcox & White reed organ, dating from 1890, was returned after great anticipation following extensive restoration by Allen Myers, of West Brooklin, Maine.

During its twelve-month restoration, the organ was returned as closely as possible to its original specifications. Having once been electrified, it was reverted to its original functionality as a treadled organ. Its aesthetic beauty was restored as well, a praiseworthy effort that reestablished it as a pristine, antique working instrument.

The organ’s striking piped top and distinctive Victorian style provides the perfect complement to the character of the church – it is truly worthy of its cherished home in the sanctuary.

By receiving the organ, we have restored an essential part of the emotional and musical life of DFCC. It joins our Rodgers electronic organ and Yamaha baby grand to round out the triumvirate of fine instruments that fill our congregation with sounds every Sunday. It was with great delight that we welcomed it home, and celebrated the restoration on September 20, 2015.