Planning Your Wedding at the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church

Congratulations! It’s a pleasure to be part of this exciting and important time as you prepare for your wedding and marriage. Here is some general information about planning to celebrate your wedding at the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church.

The Reverend James Henry is the interim pastor of the Day’s Ferry Congregational Church. He will meet with you at least twice to discuss your plans, explain how to get a license, help you prepare your ceremony, conduct a rehearsal, and officiate at the ceremony. If you wish to have additional members of the clergy participate, please discuss this with our pastor at least four weeks prior to your wedding date. Please contact the Pastor by email.

Paul Althouse is the church’s Music Director. He will meet with you to discuss your preferences for music and will play the piano and/or organ at your wedding. If you wish to include other instrumental or vocal musicians in your ceremony, please discuss this with our music director at least four weeks prior to your wedding date. You may reach him by email

You’ve chosen to marry in a church with a pastor officiating. Therefore, all the other choices you make for the ceremony should be appropriate for this sacred setting. The pastor and the music director will be happy to discuss selections so that your wedding is a joyous and sacred occasion.

To have the Day’s Ferry pastor or music director participate in your wedding in another location, please contact them directly to discuss your plans.

The sanctuary seats about 200 people.

Typically, the rehearsal takes place at 5:00 pm on the evening before the wedding. Other times are possible. All members of the wedding party should attend the rehearsal. PLEASE BRING YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE TO THE REHEARSAL. The rehearsal usually takes about 45 minutes.

Fees and Honoraria:
For persons who are not covenant or parish members of the Church, the Facilities fee will be paid in advance as a deposit to reserve the Church for your wedding. This fee will be refunded in full if you cancel more than 60 days prior to the wedding. Half the fee will be refunded if you cancel more than 30 days prior to the wedding. All fees, including the pastor’s and music director’s honoraria must be settled by the rehearsal date.

Facilities: $200 includes basic cleaning before & after the ceremony
Pastor: $350 meets with the couple 2 times
Music Director: $200 includes one consultation, rehearsal, and ceremony

Day’s Ferry Congregational Church covenant and parish members may use the church’s facilities without cost. While not required, it is customary to present an honorarium to the pastor and music director in recognition and thanks for their time in preparing for and participating in your wedding ceremony.

You are welcome to place flowers, bows, etc., in the sanctuary at your convenience after the rehearsal. Nothing may be tacked or taped to the pews or railings.

On the wedding day:
Ushers or greeters should arrive one hour prior to the ceremony. The full wedding party should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the ceremony.

Once the ceremony begins, there should be no flash photography, lighted videotaping, or movement around the sanctuary. You are welcome to take photos following the ceremony. Please keep in mind that your guests are waiting for you!

We ask that your guests not throw rice, bird seed, confetti, etc. outdoors and that you make sure all of your personal items are collected and taken along when you leave the church.